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A Free 5-Day Workshop To Learn How To Trust Your Artistic Voice, Unleash Your Creative Spirit And Write With Confidence.  

Remaining Time To Join The Challenge

...actually finish each song you write and be brave enough to tell everyone around you that you are a songwriter


stop letting self-doubt get in the way of your true, artistic voice and start to be your own creative cheerleader


build more confidence and understanding of who you are as a songwriter by using songcraft to explore your inner depths 


fully believe in your music so that you can share your gifts with the world


The only problem: Self-doubt, disconnection and overthinking will always get in the way of action and growth.

You KNOW that banishing your inner critic and trusting your authentic voice is exactly what you need to…

Enjoying Music


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Jan 12th - 16th 2023

A comprehensive 5-day workshop designed to help you finally trust yourself. 
Really get to know your inner artist and write with confidence. 
Grow your self-compassion and jump into your unique creativity.

Be able to say what you really mean, in your own unique way

DAY 01

Self-Identity Through Lyric Writing

Use vulnerability and musical flow to drive artistic expression 

DAY 02

The 3 Keys Of Improvisation

DAY 03

“The Pro Songwriter’s Secret Weapon” 

*Exclusive* Masterclass to turbocharge the quality of your writing

DAY 04

What’s Your Story? 

Become a master storyteller and paint vivd worlds with your songs

DAY 05

Finally Stop Judging Your Songs

Powerful 2-stage process to bullet-proof your writing confidence

Sign me up!

Why is this crucial for your songwriting journey?

We can't do this by ourselves.  And nor should we have to.


Be an important part of a community of songwriters working towards a collective mission: to develop their craft, let go of self-doubt and finally take control of their creativity. 

Here's what previous Authentic Songwriting participants had to say...

I loved it! Rosie, you are such a beacon of light and joy! So many new ideas and things I hadn't been taught anywhere else, like how to critique, and taking inspiration from emails. 

- Kindra

I had no idea I’d write a song every day and the process has just be so encouraging 

- Justine Gaffney

The lessons and exercises inspired a lot of ideas and I know I can go back to them to get inspiration for even more ideas. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

- Lisa MacKenzie


Live trainings on the five powerful pathways to identifying, trusting and developing your authentic songwriting voice


Your exclusive copy of the Radical Songwriter's Handbook with easy-to-implement steps for each training designed to help you get results and clarity on exactly how to practise and develop working with your unique creative voice


The best encouragement and accountability you'll have ever experienced from Rosie at Be Radical Make Music and a network of like-minded, eager musicians who all strive to understand and support each other


You'll Get Access To

This will be a songwriting space unlike any you've experienced before!

Remaining Time To Join The Challenge


"I thought I needed other co writers to complete songs and within the first couple of days of your 5-day challenge I wrote a whole song, and I liked it! 

I signed up for your course (Radical Songwriting  Academy) it changed everything for me and completely shattered all these limiting beliefs that I had about needing anyone else to finish a song."



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Support your creative journey with group coaching, song feedback sessions and hot seats with Rosie.

5 x Private Zoom sessions with Rosie and your fellow Authentic Songwriting Group Coaching participants each day of the challenge

2 x Group Coaching Sessions, 2 x Hot Seat Q&A Sessions, 1 x Song Feedback Session

Recordings of each session with replays available to download

Work closer with Rosie as your mentor for 5 days, ask questions, get clarity and receive support from the group, be part of an amazing community of songwriters.

Fast-track and up-level your progress 

"Rosie helped me with my imposter syndrome in about 5 minutes flat where others have failed for years!  Thanks Rosie!"

- Julie Woolmore


I came out of the 5-day challenge with four full songs written!


I realised I am a songwriter!  


It’s a part of me, of my creativity, of my self expression. 

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 11.21.22.png

"I wanted to know everything there was to learn about songwriting!


I felt really inspired and at the same time a bit insecure about calling myself a songwriter and my music skills.  Am I good enough to do this?  Well, we (me and Rosie) talked and I signed up for Radical Songwriting Academy!"



3 Simple Steps To *Finally* Finish That Song


Let's be honest...

How often do you actually finish each song that you start? 


After this challenge you will be overflowing with ideas, new songs, inspiration and motivation.  

That's why I am including this FREE Bonus Masterclass 3 Simple Steps To Finally Finish That Song where I will share my powerful strategies and one major mindset shift that will push your music over the finish line so you can share your work with the world! 

After the 5-day challenge you’ll have the confidence, clarity, community, and a bank of proven techniques to powerfully up-skill your songwriting and leave overwhelm and self-doubt behind.


Move forward with ease and flow, one beautifully written song at a time!


Oh, and by the way...

The songwriting techniques I’m teaching in this FREE 5 day challenge are the same ones I teach my paying students inside Radical Songwriting Academy.

I learnt them the hard way through YEARS of training, experience and practice, but you can skip that hard learning curve and jump straight to songwriting success.


This is hands down the most valuable free experience I’ve ever created and it's just for folks like you - musicians dedicated to a life-long continued creative practise.


The kind of freedom that comes with understanding who you are as a songwriter and truly not giving a s**t what anyone else thinks about that is — honestly — game changing.


I see it every day in the amazing people I help to start taking more ownership of their creative process and music careers.


I knew I wanted to create something accessible for ALL songwriters struggling with confidence out there to have the direction, accountability, and a support system to get started with a ton of clarity and confidence.


So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how amazing your songs can feel to write and how much independence and freedom this will bring to your music!


>>See you in the challenge<<

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