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This songwriting game can feel like walking down a long, lonely road.  


At times, the path ahead appears to be completely obscured, covered with leaves, washed away or just plain disappeared.  You grit your teeth, committed to your creativity, and weather every storm with determination… just to feel deflated, alone and lost.

*Plot Twist*


Now imagine a whole crew of fellow creatives, music-makers and songwriters show up, all as eager and courageous as you are, punching the air, whooping and cheering you on!  


As you walk together you share stories, songs, snacks (of course!) and true friendly encouragement. 


The road ahead no longer seems so long, hard or lonely but instead every step is filled with fun, curiosity, adventure and friendship.

Introducing 'Collaborate To Connect':

A Live Online Songwriting Workshop and Co-Writing Event

Dear Songwriter, there is no need for you to walk this journey alone!  Practise your co-writing with amazing music-makers in a guided, safe and supportive space.   

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Throughout this 4-Hour live online songwriting workshop and event you will…

Learn how to massively up-level your co-writes with an exclusive interactive workshop"The Three Secrets to Co-Writing Success (plus the major mindset shift you need to collab with confidence)" and ensure you not only enjoy but absolutely SMASH your next co-write!

Blast through your fear, apprehension and anxiety around collaborating.

Meet other incredible songwriters (read: new music pals!) and take part in two exciting 1.5 hour co-writing sessions with them.

Express your genuine artistic voice with support from a community of highly-creative and supportive individuals.

Join the Be Radical Make Music Community and tap into all the resources and training you need to make your songwriting and music-making journey free, open and accessible.

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Justine Gaffney

Radical Songwriting Academy Student


So Songwriter, are you ready?!  Yes!  Pack you (virtual!) bag, get your walking boots on - and don’t forget the snacks - because we are going on an adventure. 


  • Saturday 17th September 2022

  • 4-Hour Online Event [Zoom]

  • 5pm BST (UK)

  • 12pm EDT (NY)

  • 9am PDT (LA)

Songwriter, you are so so welcome here!  The co-writing techniques, strategies and mindsets I share in this free event, Collaborate To Connect, are the exact ones I teach my paying students inside my Radical Songwriting Academy and Community.

I learnt them all the hard way - through YEARS of training, experience and practice - but you can skip that impersonal music-industry networking and those steep learning curves and practise your co-writing in a curated, safe and supportive space and plug straight into the awesome community that I have been passionately building for the past two years.


Collaborate To Connect is an incredibly valuable free experience and it has been curated just for writers like you - musicians dedicated to a life-long continued creative practise.


Inside the community I see the daily changes and break-throughs in the amazing musicians I work with and I get to watch as they take ultimate ownership of their creative process and music careers.


So, dear songwriter, I hope you’ll join me to show up and do the work, and surprise yourself with how amazing your co-writes can feel and how much independence and freedom this will bring to your music-making experiences!

See you on September 17th...

Rosie x

Hi, I'm Rosie and welcome to my radical music-making world...


Enter your details below to save your spot and get co-writing!

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