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In this Workshop, you'll learn:


The Two Major Mindset Shifts

that all successful songwriters accept as they begin to craft each and every song


How To Finally Complete Your Tracks With Ease

to feel free, fulfilled, content and inspired every time you sit down to work on your music


The Most Simple And Effective Workflow Strategy

that dramatically cuts down on time yet still delivers amazing clarity and understanding of what to do next with your song


The Single MOST Effective Way To Level Up Your Songwriting

and why you must know this right out the gate to stay motivated through your entire songcraft journey


Identify Exactly What Songs to Work On Next

no more wasting time, procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed on what to do next...I have you covered!

Electric Guitar

Your Music Game Is About To Change In A BIG Way

Here is a hard truth: you cannot move the needle and make progress with your songcraft if you do not finish your songs.

There.  I said it.

Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the right time to start taking your music more seriously or struggling to find the courage and momentum to really achieve life-changing results you have been looking for...
this is the turning point you have been waiting for.

It's true that there is nothing but room at the top for songwriters who are prepared to take the reins of their own creativity, focus on their craft and take advantage of all the opportunities just waiting for them in the songwriting community and greater music industry.

Join me, put in the time and become well versed in what it takes to
finally finish your brilliant songs!

This Workshop Is A Must Attend if...

You are looking for more ways to express yourself, explore your creativity and feel accomplished in your songwriting

You have been writing songs for a while and have identified there are gaps in your technical skills and knowledge

You are looking for support to navigate those creative bumps in road, dry spells or writers block

You want to feel like a real, professional musician and maybe even make money from your music one day

If the idea of conquering your skills in songcraft fills you with excitement and motivation then this workshop is your pathway to making it happen.


Just in case anyone hasn’t sorted out their songs yet, let me tell you it is sooooo therapeutic and I’ve already selected my top 3 songs to finish.

Rafi Arkin

So much meaningful and powerful knowledge has been shared, I'm SO glad I pushed myself to attend and engage.

Emma Fern

  I am inspired to be more organised with my songwriting now and start working and earning money with my music!

Fee McKenzie

Rosie has given me so much confidence. She is a thoughtful and focused facilitator with knowledge way beyond her years.

Sam Pugh

Without doubt I am more productive having been on the workshop and richer for the interactions I've had with my fellow attendees.

Stu McKay

The workshop was so engaging and enjoyable. Rosie is really relatable and has an infectious personality and a great sense of humour!

Justine Gaffney

An Invitation From Rosie...

Over the last 12 years I have independently released six E.Ps, seven singles and one full length studio album.

But you can bet that I had to write hundreds of songs to get to those select ones that appear on my records.  For more than a decade I've experienced what it feels like to share my art with the world and earn a living on my terms whilst working and learning from with other incredible musicians and music artists.

Once I started taking my music seriously, doors opened up allowing me to have experiences and opportunities I could never have imagined all because of one thing - songwriting.


This brand new LIVE masterclass is a culmination of everything I’ve learnt in my career writing, collaborating, recording, performing and teaching songwriting.

If you’re committed to finally take your songcraft to a new level this year and truly operate with certainty and independence as a songwriter, I can’t wait to open up doors for you and get you there faster!


See you there!

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