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What is the
15 - Minute
Free Write

These short 15 minute writing sessions are your key to feeling creatively open, warmed up and inspired to jump straight into your music-making world armed and ready with new ideas and an open heart!

Every Friday in November and December 2022 Rosie will meet you LIVE online from 5.55pm - 6.15pm UK time.


Put pen to paper, commit to yourself and let’s write together!

No thinking required...

Free Writing is an excellent creative opening exercise.  We will set a timer for 15 minutes and you just...write.

It is a judgment-free zone, a space for you to truly express, however that may come out onto the page.


The Friday 15-Minute Free Write is about getting away from over-thinking, saying goodbye to criticism and letting your subconscious have a voice.


It’s HIGHLY recommended that you use these 15-minute sessions as a precursor to your weekly songwriting practise.

Use the momentum of the group and the energy of the collective to keep yourself accountable and motivated to show up for yourself and your music each week and commit to getting something written.

Remember - it’s the showing up that counts.  Always.

So commit to your music, let's start taking this more seriously because YOUR MUSIC MATTERS and show up for only 15-minutes per week - let’s get our songs written shall we?!

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