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Radical Stories of
Songwriting Success

Hear from Radical Songwriting Academy Alumni and find out first hand how Radical Songwriting Academy can be part your journey towards a more fulfilling, confident and skilled songwriting career!

Justine's Story

"It’s one of the most amazing online communities that I have been part of.  I have made better friends online than I have in person over years and years of time!  When you get around like minded people it really does just lift you up.  It really uplifts you and inspires you and makes you feel part of something.”

Gayle's Story

“There’s magic that happens when we share music.  To join together in a group and to hear things bounced off of other people and get that feedback and that encouragement, that’s gold.  You don’t get that sitting yourself in your bedroom.  You are just getting right into the core of what’s really necessary in terms of songwriting and songcraft.”

Carys' Story

“I’d describe it as life changing.  You go into it because you want new techniques for songwriting but what you actually end up with is new techniques for life!  It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have done before, or what you know, or what your music theory is like or anything because everything is equal.”

Jasmin's Story

“I have evolved by actually being more courageous…I have tried other songwriting courses and there was a lot of theory and a lot of talk but I couldn’t apply it right away.  That’s why I would recommend Radical Songwriting Academy, it’s holistic songwriting!  It’s about theory and how to play an instrument but it’s also about yourself.  You evolve in all regards.  My songs are now more dynamic and fuller and I am more free!”

“I had actually been on other courses which kind of got me started but what Radical Songwriting Academy really did for me was allow me to believe in myself again.  It’s given me a confidence that I haven’t had for years, it’s completely and utterly change the way I think about my own songwriting.”

Chris' Story

Bob's Story

"Since the course I’ve been collaborating with others, I’ve been recording music professionally in studios, I invite other people to be on my songs now because I am not worried about they are going to think.  I feel more comfortable sharing my work knowing that I appreciate feedback to improve the type of work I am doing.”

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