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Song Feedback +

One of the most effective ways to up-level your songwriting is through feedback from trusted, unbiased and skilled songwriters.

If you are in search for a trustworthy ear to help you fine tune and rework your beloved songs then Rosie is here to help.  With over 12 years of experience writing, teaching and releasing music you will leave your session with actionable feedback and added clarity on where to go next with your music and songs.

Written Feedback
60 min 1-2-1

with Rosie over Zoom to really drill down on your ideas and get a deeper understanding of your own music

on 5 of your songs including suggestions on where to go next to make your work shine

Rosie is a real salt-of-the-earth superstar, with a huge heart, a lot to give and her morals bang on track. She'll put you at ease instantly with her humour and be your biggest cheerleader, she's given me so much confidence. - Sam Pugh

Rosie is a beautiful communicator, she has a real knack for talking to people and for being kind, supportive and inventive. I felt so safe to show up with songs that were just written, very raw, unpolished and messy and I felt excited to share them even though I'm normally a perfectionist and wouldn't normally do such a thing!  - Lisa MacKenzie

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