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Dear Songwriter...

You don't need to do this alone.

Support your creative journey with group coaching, song feedback and hot seats with Rosie

Authentic Songwriting Group Coaching .png

Massively up-level your Authentic Songwriting 5-Day Challenge experience.


In addition to the core trainings inside the challenge you will also get:

  • 5 x Private Zoom sessions with Rosie and your fellow Authentic Songwriting Group Coaching participants each day of the challenge

  • 2 x Group Coaching Sessions, 2 x Hot Seat Q&A Sessions, 1 x Song Feedback Session

  • Recordings of each session with replays available to download

  • Work closer with Rosie as your mentor for 5 days, ask questions, get clarity and recieve support from the group, be part of an amazing community of songwriters.


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”
- Oprah Winfrey      

"Book a coaching session with Rosie.  She is an excellent teacher and coach, with much experience and and expertise in music and songwriting."

- Pamela Jo Hatley

"Rosie helped me with my imposter syndrome in about 5 minutes flat where others have failed for years.  Rosie also guided me through who to approach, how to approach them, what to say & also gave me the confidence to do so. Thanks Rosie!"

- Julie Woolmore

"I invite other people to be on my songs now because I am not worried about they are going to think.  I feel more comfortable sharing my work knowing that I appreciate feedback to improve the type of work I am doing.”

- Bob Fredrick


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