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How would you feel if you could get that music project out of your head and into the real world?


ELEVATE is my 1:1 Creative Coaching & Mentorship for ambitious, dedicated musicians who are ready to bring their music to life and start their next project. 


If you are wanting to record your album, start a creative-business as a music tutor, set up online songwriting workshops, start a Patreon to connect with fans, kick off off a podcast or any other exciting music plan...

…ELEVATE is your launchpad!

Taking your music seriously
can change your future


In the past, musicians were at the mercy of gatekeepers like record labels, radio DJs and journalists. 


However, it's 2024 baby ✌️ and the music landscape has well and truly changed.  

Anyone can share their music online.  Even your granny.  👵🏻


BUT in order to actually complete our music projects it's important that we know how to plan, manage and execute the work in a sustainable way that also fits your lifestyle who you are as a person.

Because when you do put your project out there, you have the incredible power of the internet at your fingertips. 


A place where your work can be reaching people 24/7 and finding new audiences around the globe - even while you sleep.


So whether it’s offline in-person events, gigs or tours.  Or online workshops, virtual music studios or remote session work - getting your project finished will transform the opportunities you have available to you.


But the power lies in finishing the project. ⚡️


Along the way, you'll meet like-minded people and with hard work and effort, a whole new musical life awaits you…if you are ready for it.

And that's what ELEVATE is all about.

ELEVATE was a game changer in my music business!


It is an opportunity to look at building strategy, but also really digging into mindset and underlying beliefs and building new foundations. 

Marie Gallagher

(Music Artist & Creative Entrepreneur)

Guidance, Support & Accountability


Working with a music coach and mentor is a great way for you find the structure, knowledge and accountability you may need to develop both creatively and professionally. 


Inside our sessions, we will work together to help you:

  • Get clear on your project so that the next steps are distinct, simple and straightforward


  • Reduce creative friction by figuring out how to comfortably fit your music into your lifestyle

  • Create a detailed project plan that is aligned with your artistic values and music career objectives 


  • Take action and Start. The. Project 🎉

One of the best decisions I've ever made!

I have experienced so much growth in a short period of time.

- Lisa MacKenzie (Songwriter)

Elevate is the best & most powerful program I’ve ever done, thank you!

Julie Woolmore, (Alt-Rock Music Artist)

We are all at different stages of the journey

Let's have a look at where you currently are and if working together will be a great fit for you!​

ELEVATE is for you if:

  • You're in the habit of making music regularly

  • You can set aside 2-5 hours each week to work on your project

  • You've got a clear project in mind (writing, performing, releasing, starting a music business, etc.) and you're pumped to kick it off or take it up a notch

  • You are ready and able to invest time and money into ELEVATE (the prices are below!)

  • You have an online presence as an artist – doesn't matter how big!

Testimonials 💬

"The sessions have changed how I view what I do."

Specifically, with re-framing how I see my performance practice and my music, and to back my art more than judging it. I'm less afraid of being mischievous and rebellious to express myself!

- Ruaraidh Wishart (Electro-Punk Artist)



"I've got a renewed urge and confidence" 

to make the little changes I need in order to let my music shine a bit brighter. Rosie really does get IT, but she will also do her utmost to get YOU. If you feel like you're at any kind of crossroads, Rosie is a brilliant choice as a coach.

- David Fee (Singer Songwriter)


"Having a coach like Rosie is amazing."

I feel confident now that my album is gonna be released next year in a way I never thought I could do by myself.

- Tazzja (Music Artist & Producer)

"My life right now is totally amazing"

and a lot of that is down to the coaching we went through together!

- Chris Annetts, (Songwriter and Comedy Music Artist)


Who is Rosie?

Hey!  I am Rosie Bans, a professional musician, songwriter and music producer from Glasgow, Scotland, but currently living on the sunny Spanish mediterranean coast ☀️

I studied at the Ian Tomlin School of Music in Edinburgh, graduating in 2009 with a BA degree in Popular Music Composition.  Since then I have worked as a freelance musician living in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Berlin and now Valencia.

Music has given me so much and over the years I have created dozens of music projects including the release of many singles, 6 E.P.s, 1 studio album as well as writing and performing a one-woman theatre show, organising songwriting retreats and touring the UK and Europe 7+ times with my original music.

My current project is Be Radical Make Music, where I get to work with other dedicated and ambitious music artists (like YOU!) on their projects, plans and dreams to make their music a reality.

I believe that the world is truly a much better place when artists get the chance to fully express themselves, create the work that's in their hearts and share it with those who are searching for it.

So, if you have decided you are ready to go for it and have read through all the details (check out the T&Cs herethen I would be delighted to help get your music plans and ideas off the ground and into real life!


I can’t wait to get started working with you.


Rosie ​ ♥️

The Details

  • 50 minute sessions of online 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship over Zoom with Rosie Bans focused specifically on the activities around your chosen music project.

  • BONUS: FREE 30-Minute Creative Clarity Call 

  • BONUS:  1:1 Telegram Messaging Support with Rosie



G.R.O.W Journal Method.png

4 Sessions


Approx £99 per session
2 months to use all sessions

6 Sessions


Approx £83 per session
2 months to use all sessions

Interest free payment plans available
Terms & Conditions apply - read them here

Got questions?

It's totally normal to want to talk things through, especially when you are thinking about investing £100's into something! 

📞 Click here to book a 15 minute chat with me. 

This isn't a sales call and there is no obligation.
It's just a chance for you to ask me any questions about the Elevate Creative Coaching & Mentoring 1:1 sessions and see if we are a good fit.

I smashed my first songwriting teaching session
all thanks to the coaching I received from you Rosie!"
- Maureen Malcolm-Gourley (songwriter, artist and producer MALBA)



"Our sessions really stimulated me to take a next step" 

"I loved it that we could talk about all aspects of music and of being an artist. I have worked on branding, on my website, and on my music."
- Ruth Bootsma (vocalist, coach, songwriter)

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