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AUGUST 12th + 13th 2023

10am - 5pm UK Time

An unforgettable weekend of songwriting, creativity, community and fun!

Create & Connect is a 2-day online songwriting retreat, jam packed with songwriting workshops and community events to get you out of creative isolation and kickstart your music journey - all from the comfort of your own home.


Take your songwriting out of the darkness and step inside a thriving community of like-minded musicians who share your passion and ambition for music in this transformative weekend experience. 


All you need is a computer, internet connection and as much creative energy as you can muster!



, I am talking to you!)

Maybe you are wondering if you are in the right place? 


Are you...

👉 A really creative person, bursting with LOADS of lyrical and melody ideas but don’t know what to do with them.


👉 New to the songwriting game and feeling alone and isolated in your journey.


👉 Researching how to do this songwriting ‘thing’ but just find yourself overwhelmed with all the info online.


👉 Not sure how to find your songwriting tribe (or even just that one songwriting-bestie) that can understand you and your passion for music.


Or maybe it’s simply that you don't know where to start.


If any of the above makes you want to say 'Yep! That's me!' then don't worry; you're not alone, soooo many of us face these challenges. 


And there IS a way to get out of your head, make lasting connections and find clarity on what to do next...


...alongside a community of like-minded songwriters in a safe and supportive space that values and encourages artistic growth. 


A place where you can break free from hesitation and finally take some action to:


✨ write your next (or first!) song

✨ learn some powerful songwriting techniques

✨ uncover what's creativley possible for you

✨ share your music, ideas and insights with others


All whilst having a total blast hanging out together, making new life-long music pals!

Hiya, I'm Rosie...

AUGUST 12th + 13th 2023

10am - 5pm UK time

I understand all too well the struggles of feeling alone and a little lost in this creative journey - I have been there too.


That’s why I'm here to share my knowledge and experience with you and facilitate this wonderful community as we Create & Connect inside this Radical Songwriting 2-Day Summer Retreat.

Back in 2019, I felt isolated, overwhelmed, and totally disconnected and lost in my songwriting path.  


But everything changed when I found the power of songwriting retreats.  


I organised my very first retreat in person in the UK and I was HOOKED. 


Over the space of two-days I found myself more creative, connected and fulfilled than I had for years.  As a group of songwriters, we shared our vulnerabilities with our music, realised we were all struggling with the same issues, made life-long friends and ultimately supported one another in celebrating our wins long after the retreat was over. The dual-aspect of a these retreats, Community & Safe Songwriting Practise, became the two pillars of all my music making moving forward.  I know with both of these elements I can feel deeply connected to my music and allow my creativity to flourish.


I realised I needed to bring this powerful format to as many songwriters as I could so I moved them online with just the same powerful, life changing results…


And here we are!  ✨


Now, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Create & Connect: 2-Day Online Songwriting Retreat, where you'll experience the same creativity-affirming journey I did - all from the comfort of your own home.

I want to empower you to embrace your songwriting, no matter where you are at. 


To have access to and connect with a community that truly understands what it means to follow your creative calling – because they are right there with you, doing it too.


Create & Connect is a bumper-packed, fun-filled weekend of songwriting workshops, community events plus exciting music sharing spaces – which offer you a wonderful container to express yourself freely and safely explore your musicality.

you will be...

Feeling so much more positive about your music & connected to your creativity.

Ready to take the next steps with your songwriting with a newfound energy & confidence. 

Part of a growing community of passionate songwriters and musicians.

Grateful that you decided to listen to your creative calling to write music.


Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 15.37.52.png
Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 15.37.46.png

Ready for two days of music exploration? 





Songwriting templates to get you writing songs FAST.  


Use these templates to break down song structure into easy-to-follow sections for you to fill in with your unique ideas, allowing you to compose, organise and complete your next song in no time!

£37 Value



All the creativity of the universe is inside you, you just need to let it out


Listen along to Rosie’s voice as she takes you on a journey through Your Garden of Creativity where you will find strength, inspiration, deep understanding and relief in the fact that you my friend, are a truly creative being.

£17 Value

for a price of








Sign up today and receive the Lyric Writing Toolkit as a surprise bonus!


This toolkit is an essential for any lyricists and features a collection of inspiring lyric prompts and powerful creative exercises to get your writing meaningful and heartfelt lyrics with flow and ease.

£97 Value

Don't wait!

Places are limited and you only have until Friday 11th August 6pm UK time to grab your spot!

Imagine... 💭

A world where you hooked up with an amaaaazing bunch of people, supportive songwriters just like you, and you finally took action on those secret songwriting dreams but not on your own.  This time you are guided by an expert mentor, you can feel the excitement and fulfilment of making the music you want to make...

That's what this retreats is all about -- and spots are filling up fast.


I deeply care about your experience and so I make a point of promptly closing the doors when we hit capacity to ensure you have the highest quality possible.  💕

👉 Sign up for your space today - once they're gone, they're gone >>

See you there!


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