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22-26 SEPTEMBER 2023




Are you ready to transform your songwriting?

And *finally* listen to your inner artist to build a long-lasting, healthy relationship with your music in just a few powerful days?

"It changed everything for me"

Listen to what Gayle and Lisa thought of the workshop...

Registration Closes In...

The person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


By the end of the 5 Day Workshop you'll leave feeling more connected, happier and fulfilled with a deeper understanding of who you are as an artist and a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve with your music in the future, plus a handful of beautiful fresh songs (that felt bloomin’ great to write!).


In fact, I'm so convinced of how life-changing this experience will be for you that I've made it only £17 to join!​

…find the courage to put pen to paper and stop letting self-doubt get in the way of your music.


…build a solid confidence around who you are as an artist and allow others to witness you and your art (I know that last bit is scary, it’s okay to be a wee bit scared).


…start believing in yourself and your music so you can feel proud and brave of your efforts and stop feeling disappointed and fraudulent when you don’t show up for yourself.


…one day share your songs with the world and build a long and beautiful music career that fulfills you and brings you (and others) so much joy 

Authentic Songwriting is a perfect fit for you if you are ready to:

SONGWRITING (1)_edited.png

I know this stuff is hard...


You have had a lifetime of being told by society that your music is not important enough to pursue.  

But to that I say f**k what society has told you!


Feels good to say right?  But it's not enough to just speak the words. 


The truth is, if you don't take action now, you will continue to stay stuck exactly where you are.  And all that fear and doubt will just keep growing, painfully blocking your unique creativity from being expressed.


Tuning into and trusting your inner voice is the most powerful way to make sure your music isn't lost and actually gets written.  So let's be brave, bold and ready to write inside Authentic Songwriting.

Like an ability or a muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it. 

- Robbie Gass

"I loved it! So many new ideas and concepts that I hadn't been taught anywhere else."

- Kindra


"I had no idea I’d write a new song every single day!"

- Justine 


"The workshop was SO inspiring, without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend it."

- Lisa

It all kicks off on...

September 22nd


You will reclaim your narrative and no longer be defined by the words of others.

Face your inner critic head on and open up a dialogue to make peace with them once and for all.

It's time to take up space, stand in your grounded centre of artistic power and feel lit-up and alive.



Write Your Own Story

Overcome Perfectionism


Uncover Your Strength


Step Into Your Songwriting Power

Do you realise how strong and resilient you really are?  You will after today.


Explore What Is Possible

There is so much opportunity out there just waiting for you, so let's make a plan to go grab it!


Stop ignoring your inner artist and start showing up for your music





"Rosie helped me with my imposter syndrome in about 5 minutes flat where others have failed for years"

- Julie


"I came out with four full songs written and I realised I am a songwriter!  Music is a part of me, of my creativity, of my self expression."

- Gayle

"I've never had the confidence or platform to share my songs before, the workshop is an amazing space to share and care."

- Claire

"A tremendous experience, finally freeing myself from the bounds of other's rejections or affirmations!"

- Demitria

Notes Of Gratitude...


By The End Of Authentic Songwriting You'll Have...

  • A beautiful collection brand new songs, ideas and inspiration - all of which you will feel a much deeper connection to than anything else you have written before

  • Mapped out what is next for you and your unique musical journey ahead - whether that's honing your songcraft skills, finishing your collabs or actually releasing your music!

  • Have a battle plan for how to deal with perfectionism, procrastination and comparison when they *inevitably* show up in your writing - you’ll know what to do

  • Identified deep rooted limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from writing your songs for SO long and finally start to overcome them

  • A ton of new songwriting pals! ♥️


You'll walk away with new found strength, power and a gentle, peaceful confidence in your creativity that will guide your music making for years to come.

But most importantly...




"I thought I needed other people to help me write songs but within the first couple of days of the workshop I wrote a whole song by myself"

- Lisa MacKenzie

"I came out of the 5-day workshop with four full songs written and I realised - I am a songwriter."

- Gayle Morton Grant


Why should we all use our creative power...?

Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate.

- Brenda Ueland

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 11.21.22.png

PLUS...I am gifting you these powerful bonuses to support your songwriting journey!

Songwriting Power Hour - Live Writing Sessions


£197 value

Now, you don't have to write your music alone!  Join the Authentic Songwriting Crew LIVE for two incredible Songwriting Power Hour Sessions.  We start each hour by saying hello on Zoom, then mute our mics and get to work.


It’s inspiring, practical and loads of fun - if you need accountability to get your work done, this is where you will find it!

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Private Facebook Community

£197 value


With deep music discussions, daily prompts, live videos, competitions, hangouts and a songwriting community unlike any other online space you have experienced before, this pop-up Facebook Community is at the heart of Authentic Songwriting (+ you can re-watch the main workshop sessions anytime you want throughout the 5 days!)

Bonus #3


Done-For-You Song Structure Templates

£47 value

Compose, develop and complete your next song in no time! 


These handy templates map out the most common and effective structures so you can break down your next song into easy-to-follow sections and fill in with your unique ideas.

Bonus #4


Ultimate Songwriter's Filing System 

£47 value

Cut out the overwhelm of scattered files on your computer and audio notes on your phone, instead get everything together in one place.  Easy, simple and organised.  A powerful filing system for storing your songs, ideas, lyrics, riffs, music plans and any other resources you collect along the way!

Bonus #5


Inner Critic Kryptonite: Guided Audio Visualisation

£17 value

Stuck in that dark rut of self-judgement?  Pop in your head phones, take a deep breath and listen along to this deep visualisation that will blast the gnarly little voice of the inner critic of your head and get you back to your hearts centre so you can continue writing your awesome songs!


Because all Authentic Songwriters love a wee prize or two, no?!

During the Workshop, you could win one of 4 x £50 Amazon vouchers just by showing up everyday and doing the work... what would you spend yours on?

Oh, also...

That Means When You Sign Up For Authentic Songwriting 5 Day Workshop Your Will Get...

WORKSHOP #1: Write Your Own Story (£97 Value)


 WORKSHOP #2: Overcome Perfectionism (£97 Value)


WORKSHOP #3: Uncover Your Strength (£97 Value)


WORKSHOP #4: Step Into Your Power (£97 Value)


WORKSHOP #5: Explore What Is Possible (£97 Value)

EXCLUSIVE access to the Facebook Community (£197 Value)


FREE 2 x Songwriting Power Hour Live Writing Sessions (£197 Value)


FREE Done-For-Your Song Structure Templates (£47 Value)


FREE Ultimate Songwriter's Filing System (£47 Value)


FREE Inner Critic Kryptonite Guided Audio Visualisation (£17 Value)


The chance to win some awesome prizes!

Over £897 in value for only...




Dear Songwriter...

Nice to meet you, I am Rosie, your new songwriting cheerleader, if you'll have me.


I am here to let you know that the kind of freedom that comes with deeply knowing who you are, crafting music from a place of truth and realness and truly not giving a s**t what anyone else thinks about that, is — honestly — life changing.


I get to witness the power rise up in the amazing songwriters I help on a daily basis as they start taking more ownership of their music and careers.  


Look, I know all too well that 'going for it' with your music can feel like an uphill battle at times.  Family and friends not understanding why we do what we do, imposter syndrome and shaky confidence making us feel sick at the thought of sharing our music, a lifetime of painful programming devaluing our art (in a world where life is getting more expensive) and unless you become famous or rich, it seems like a hopeless task.  We have been left feeling unheard and discarded.

But I wasn't having any of that, I refuse to settle or define myself based on what others think of me.  I believe in the power of my music, how it makes me feel when I write it, how it makes others feel when they hear it.  I have carved out my own path, and I want to show you how you can do the same.


I am an authentic songwriter.  And so are you. 


So, I created something special for us.   A space to help you discover your north star, your direction, to show you some strategies to save you time, to give you clarity on what you really want and some ring fenced, structure for you to connect with a caring and compassionate community to support you in lovingly exploring your songwriting.


I hope you’ll join me to show up and do the work.  You might even surprise yourself at how amazing your songs can feel to write and how much freedom and independence being an authentic songwriter will bring to your life!


>>See you in the workshop<<

Add a heading.png




Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 13.10.42.png

F A Qs

Do I need to attend Live?

Not at all, you can watch the replay of each workshop as soon as it's over and you will have access to all replays until Thursday 5th of October.  That said, the songwriters that get the very most out of this workshop are the ones that put it into their schedule, make the time for it and show up.

What time are the workshops?

Each workshop is at 10am UK time and will last for 20 minutes plus Q+A time at the end.   Can't attend at that time?  No worries!  The replays are available to you immediately and until the 5th of October.  It is important that you honour your own creative timing and do the workshop when you can, when it is right for you and your music.

How many songs do I need to write?

As many or as little as you like!  Each daily workshop training is for you to explore your unique creativity, for some writers that means blazing through a song per day, for others that means a slow and stead smoulder... you do you, please, because that's literally the point.

How long will the Facebook Group stay open?

Until Thursday 5th of October at which point all replays will be removed and the group will be paused, so make the most of it and get stuck in whilst you can! 

Can I work with you 1:1?

Sort of!  Alongside the workshop I also offer a group coaching program to dive deeper into your songs, your mindset and to really assist you in making some really important changes to your music.  You will be able to upgrade at check out, if you want any further info on this just email me here >> 

What if I miss a day?

No worries, we have time in the calendar for exactly this, you can catch up inside our bonus Songwriting Power Hour Sessions or simply work through the material in your own time before the group closes on the 5th October 2023.  I feel it's important for us to honour our own timing when it comes to making music, it's great if you can follow along in real time but it is not necessary.

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